The Goram Fair
Celebrating a local legend

Goram Fair was a funfair and community event held between 1954-1996, originally at Blaise Estate. Photos from the 1950s (held by Bristol Archives) show that there were aerial acts, bands, a giant effigy, circus entertainers, a big wheel, and an ox roast. Goram Fair was revived from 2016-19.

Goram and his brother

The fair is named after a mythical giant called Goram, who is associated with Henbury. Another giant, Ghyston (sometimes known as Vincent) is connected to Clifton. There's a few versions of their story but it is said by some that they created the features of Henbury and Clifton in their fight for Lady Avona, a personification of the River Avon.

The Goram Fair

Goram was remembered  by the Goram Fair, a funfair, held in 1954 and sporadically up to 1996, in Henbury. In 1993, Marc Vyvyan-Jones (with Roland and Linda Clare), wrote a mumming-style play based on the story, that was first performed by Rag Morris at Blaise Castle on 20 March 1993. And if you want to venture onto the Lawrence Weston housing estate, immediately north-west of Henbury, you can see the Giant Goram Pub on Barrowmead Drive, so-named since the 1950s.

The return

in 2015 a local resident Darren Moore decided to try and recreate the Goram Fair. With help from Bristol City Council, Blaise Museum, Vashti Waite and Art Enlarged the Goram Fair returned! He even found the family of showmen who were at the original Fair.

Sponsors included The Bristol Port Company, Ambition Lawrence Weston, The National Lottery and Bristol City Council. Without their financial help this community event could not happen.